3 Mice, a Cat, and an Eagle

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see. Carl Jung A woman walks into a barn (that woman is me) and over the course of 3 days, discovers 3 dead mice. (It kind of makes me want to sing a well known song, Three Blind Mice, using different words). Anyway…. A couple of weeks prior, I had …

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The Path of the Moon

The moon governs your intuition….It is the guardian of the unconscious and represents inner illumination, divine knowledge, and wisdom. When you seek the moon’s energy, you seek to deepen your intuitive understanding of the world and the larger Universe. You access this realm through your imagination, dreams, and symbols. Nanette Giacoma, Open for Business   …

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Through the Portal

“Eons ago, the creative genius of God foresaw that it would take the shattered pieces of my ‘yesterday’ to construct the sturdy portal to my ‘tomorrow.”  Craig D. Lounsbrough, Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone   My Intuitive Mentor told me a couple of months ago that I was standing at The Portal. And, I’m …

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The Storm Within

It is late when I watch the sun hide * Hide behind the dark mountainside * Taste the salt that lands on my skin * There’s not a sound just the storm within. Evergrey   I had been sailing along in life and the path forward seemed clear. Maybe there were a few waves here and there, …

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Falling Up!

The chakras are where your physical body and consciousness meet. Sometimes I get weighed down by the gravitational pull of my personal relationships, health concerns, other’s opinions, politics and world events. It’s easy to fall into an energetic downward spiral that takes me away from my soul path. If I’m not paying attention, the daily drama can ultimately lower my vibrational energy and create …

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Hatching Your Cosmic Egg

“As a symbol for your [life and] business, the cosmic egg is a reminder of infinite becoming. When you enter into the potential of the universal energies, the possibilities are limitless…How can you incubate positive thoughts so that your cosmic egg [aka your personal and professional life] hatches in full glory?”  Nanette Giacoma, Open for Business: How …

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Embrace Your Inner Dragon

“When the flames of the green dragon interact with the flames of the red dragon, they turn to rain that quenches the many fires set by the breath of the red dragon.” Nanette Giacoma, Open for Business: How to Achieve Professional Success Using the Power of Chakras. Recently, Dragon Energy is very present for both my …

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Psychic Myths

“Before the internet and the World Wide Web, humans shared an energetic psychic web that transcended cultures. This is the third eye (sixth) chakra at work.” Nanette Giacoma, Open for Business: How to Achieve Professional Success Using the Power of Chakras.   So how many of you want to believe you are psychic/intuitive, but have these …

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Who’s Your Guide?

“I reached out to my Spirit Guides and asked for a sign that I was indeed on the right path. What I received in reply was a revelation! It was so simple, and yet so profound!” Nanette Giacoma, Open for Business My Guides have been extra chatty lately. They seem to be popping up in all …

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