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Read the book that bridges business school with personal and spiritual well-being.

Open for Business explains the human chakra energy system that sages have known about for centuries and teaches you how to apply it in the business world – whether you are seeking to advance your career, grow your own business, or experience more professional fulfillment.

In this pioneering book chock full of information, you will learn how to assess your personal and professional chakras, what to do if the energy is deficient or excessive, and how to align and balance the chakras for transformation and ultimate success.

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Do you feel like you are wandering in a deep, dark wood? Have you hopelessly lost your way? Are you looking for a golden thread that will lead you back to your original Soulprint? Don’t worry, Wild Heart; there is wisdom in the woods. Sit for a while with your back against the aged Grandmother Oak. Take time out from activity to rest and be.
Walking a Mystical Path book cover

Upcoming Book

I’ve got bunions. What?! You don’t think this is how a book about a mystical path should begin? Well, bunions are part of my mystical path.

You see, when younger I distanced myself mentally, physically, and emotionally from my feet. Bunions are a reminder of what happens when I don’t stay present in my body.

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