The Path of the Moon

The moon governs your intuition….It is the guardian of the unconscious and represents inner illumination, divine knowledge, and wisdom. When you seek the moon’s energy, you seek to deepen your intuitive understanding of the world and the larger Universe. You access this realm through your imagination, dreams, and symbols. Nanette Giacoma, Open for Business


For the last couple of months I’ve been walking on the dark side of the moon. I’m now slowly making my way to the bright side. The moon is correlated with our sixth (third-eye) chakra and is connected to our innate ability to psychically tap into Universal Wisdom.

I’ve had to embrace the dark side as I journeyed into the depths of my soul. And what a journey it’s been! (Read more The Storm Within and Through the Portal). The dark side is uncomfortable, to say the least. It’s often filled with unknowns, doubts, and discomfort about where I’ve been and where I need to go next. And frankly, I don’t like it there! But, I know that sometimes I need to sit in the dark. When I try to move beyond the darkness before I have clarity, I always end up in the wrong place – a place that no longer vibrates with my soul energetically.

In the dark, I consciously connect with my intuition and ask my Spirit Guides for clarity. In the dark, I’m more open to receiving wisdom from outside myself. In the dark, I’m more willing to let go of false stories and beliefs. In the dark, I finally sit still and just BE.

The dark side of the moon is symbolic of going deep within myself and listening closely to my intuition for the answers to my questions, some I didn’t even know I was asking. But, now I’m moving into another phase of the moon – towards the bright side.

A shiny new moon has orbited back into my life – my art making. Somewhere along the way I discarded it in favor of “more practical” ways of making money. Mask making is the art process I love most. For me, art is the language of Spirit. Beyond the fears and worries of our thinking mind, it is the realm of dreams, symbols and archetypes that lead us to clarity and new perspectives.

I’m pairing Spirit Guide Intuitive readings with Creating Personalized Masks. My new venture is called Spirit Guide Arts. As a client you will be invited to journey beyond the mask you wear everyday into the realm of your deepest mysteries. Here, you will come into dialogue with your Spirit Guide – your Wayfarer on your Soul Path.

Below, is an example of a Spirit Guide Mask I recently did for a client, “Eagle Woman”. Be on the lookout for more about Spirit Guide Arts as I move further into the creative phase of building this new, exciting piece of my business.

Do you feel the dark side of the moon calling you to get quiet and BE?
As we approach the Winter Solstice (the longest night of the year) don’t be afraid of the dark. It’s a great place to find answers that may have been alluding you. It may be time to release some things that feel particularly heavy. It may be time to set some new intentions using your intuitive wisdom.

Use the Winter Solstice to honor the darkness within. Allow yourself the sacred space to tap into your third-eye chakra and ask for intuitive guidance for the upcoming year. Here’s a ceremony to get you started.

Ceremony for the Winter Solstice

  1. Take a few deep breaths and imagine breathing in the darkness.
  2. Bring your attention to your third-eye chakra, located between your eyebrows.
  3. Feel the energy pulsing in your third-eye chakra as you ignite your intuition.
  4. Imagine your intuitive awareness moving beyond your physical form and out into the Universe.
  5. Ask for a Spirit Guide to usher you into the New Year. Who shows up?
  6. Ask your Guide what you need to release at this time. Write them down on a piece of paper.
  7. Turn off all the lights and spend a few moments in complete darkness honoring all that you have learned in the last year.
  8. When ready turn on the lights and burn or rip up what you have written.
  9. Ask your Guide for Intentions for your Highest Good. Write them down.
  10. As part of your intention setting, pour yourself some water and mentally place your intentions in the water. Drink the water to internalize them.
  11. Offer a blessing for the New Year.

In The New Year:

  • May you be blessed with sudden insights and inspiration.
  • May you have quiet moments of simplicity and reflection.
  • May you give and receive true love.
  • May you be whole in mind, body and spirit.
  • May you experience great joy.
  • May you forgive and be forgiven.

Blessing and peace in the New Year.

First 5 to Contact Me
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Unique Spirit Guide Mask based on Reading
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Eagle Woman by Nanette Giacoma

Eagle Woman helps you to fly high above the complexities of your life so you can  see the big picture.


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