Don’t Fall Off Your Edge of Growth – 5 Tips to Stay on Your Path

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is your Edge of Growth? Are you ready to shake things up?

Maybe you want to change careers, find a new love relationship, start a business or have more R&R.

But, growth is super uncomfortable! Soul stopping fear often comes up just as you finally decide to leap into your new vision. It feels unsettling and overwhelming. Mid-leap, you may start to think, “What the h*** was I thinking? If I knew it would be this hard, I never would have started.”

Unfortunately, when discomfort arises, people will often step away from their edge of growth. It feels too hard, too stressful…and it brings up energetic baggage they thought they had resolved or buried long ago. This “baggage” is often lodged in one or more of the chakras. So, how can you unblock and balance your chakra energy so you “Don’t Fall Off Your Edge of Growth”?

Here are 5 Tips To help you Stay On Your Path:

  1. Do one of the following daily: meditate, take nature walks, yoga or tai chi for 10 minutes (or longer) This gets you into your body and out of your monkey mind. It will help you tap into your intuition, based in your third-eye (6th) chakra, and receive messages from your Higher Power through your crown (7th) chakra.
  2. Write Affirmations about what you want to manifest and post them where you will frequently see them. For example: “I am well paid for work I love to do.” This will connect your passions, energetically located in your sacral (2nd) chakra, with your ability to attract what you want centered in your heart (4th) chakra.
  3. Create an Essential Intentions List that specifies what you want to attract into your life. An example of career change intentions are: exact salary, organizational culture, commute, hours of work, flexibility, size of organization, etc. This will focus your energetic will-power, located in your solar plexus (3rd) chakra, with your heart (4th) chakra’s power of attraction.
  4. Create a Manifestation or Vision Board with pictures that reflect your Affirmations and Essential Intentions List. Look at it at least once a day while saying your affirmations. This creates an energetic billboard for your guides and angels, so they can help you manifest your passions and life or business vision (third-eye chakra).
  5. Take Action. The trick here is to take some action everyday without trying to control exactly how your vision will manifest. Taking action energetically uses your solar plexus chakra to move your passions and desires out into the world of form.

Use these tips in your professional or personal life (or both) to stay your path and achieve the transformation of your heart’s desires. Happy Growing!

With Gratitude!

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