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Nanette Giacoma with her horse“As I was transitioning between the end of my Business Master and the beginning of my career, I felt so grateful to have Nanette on my side guiding me through my professional objectives and spiritual journey. She has this wonderful talent that helps me see clearly the things I need to focus on in order to make the right decisions. She is a powerful guide who brings meanings to our life.”

Mélissa Authier * Strategy and International Trade Consultant

  “I would like to take the opportunity to sing your praises. I cannot thank you enough for all your continued guidance, professionalism, and insight over the past few years. My personal and executive coaching sessions at True Balance have significantly changed my life in myriad positive ways for which I am eternally grateful. Nanette has a true gift in helping clients and organizations of all sizes distill and clarify their authentic personal and business voice across all aspects of their daily life, distinguishing their unique value. At every session, she demonstrates her immense amount of knowledge and experience with strategic business planning, personal development, and stress management. Nanette understands that every individual or organization’s needs are different and she has many, many tools available to incorporate into a customized client plan. As a solo-entrepreneur in the health and wellness field, I greatly value having a balanced sounding board for ideas and planning as well as the accountability and vast knowledge-base of Nanette’s many years of helping individuals and businesses flourish and blossom into their highest potential. Applying her stress management techniques in my personal life and business has enabled me to more wisely concentrate my energies and efforts into what really matters and stay the course in my heart-centered acupuncture practice. Nanette has amazingly helped me cultivate the business acumen and couple it with my passion for acupuncture to make a true difference in the world.”

~ Nachelle L. * Acupuncturist

“Dear Nanette, Thank you for your counseling, support, and friendship over the past two years. When I began working with you, I had no idea where the journey would take me – although I suspect you knew early on, intuitive and astute as you are. Participating in individual sessions and in your journeying circle has indeed taken me on a journey. Like the heroines in our culture’s stories and myths. I undertook this journey certain that I knew where I was going. But, during our sessions, I discovered a part of myself that had been hidden for decades beneath the weight of societal and familial expectations. This discovery has led me down a very different path from the one I was on. It has freed my spirit and brought joy into my life. I feel that any words of mine are inadequate to the task of capturing the magnitude of the gift you have been and continue to be to me. I look forward to continuing the journey with you. I have a profound respect for your gifts as a mentor, coach, and guide, and will continue to recommend working with you to all who are seeking their soul’s purpose.”

~ Anne O. * Health Coach/Singer

“I met Nanette a year ago and understood the services True Balances could provide. At the time I met her I thought what a great advocate to have; however I was in a good place at the time. Then 2015 happened and I had a number of personal family matters push me off balance and” to the curb”. Not just personally, it was affecting me professionally as well as the two are intertwined! I knew I had gotten in a rut and needed some help getting out. Nanette has a variety of methods, tailored to what you are most open to. I can be a stubborn individual so she had a challenge on her hands! She was able to patiently guide me through some processes that helped not only clarify where I wanted to go but how to get there with renewed confidence and inspiration. I am fortunate to have Nanette in my life to provide me with the tune- up I needed.”

~ Sheila M. * CFDP

“Nanette, your experience, expertise and logic are phenomenal. I am in awe of the things you have made me aware of. You made me realize the roles that everyone has played to define me. I now know some things I was clinging to are not doing me any real good nor are they really affecting the person that matters. I am learning that not everything is truly mine to worry about. I highly recommend your services, and believe anyone with an open mind can benefit. The truth is I did not walk into this with complete faith. However, it took just one session for me to see how much I could benefit from this; and in turn this experience benefits both my family and my co-workers. You have helped me become a better person on so many levels, and I thank you for that.”

~ Liz W. * VP Banking Center Manager

“I contacted Nanette because I needed guidance on what direction to take my business. I felt overwhelmed, working in too many different areas and not effectively managing any single one. Nanette helped me in finding my focus and incorporating a plan and goals to work toward. She listened to me and let me talk through some of the issues I was facing, offering solutions and strategies on how to move forward. I now feel more organized, centered and confident in the direction my business is moving.”

~ Kendall S. * Wellness Coach

“Nanette is a professional with a wonderful ability to enter an unknown relationship and make herself available and trusted. This trust allows her to be seen as a partner and associate with access to discern the dynamics of difficult relationships and offer up manageable action plans toward a solution. The holistic approach taken ensures nuances and inter-relationships are considered and the plan is revisited when necessary for suitability.”

~ Keri S. * CEO Medical Device Manufacturing

“I highly recommend Nanette. She was a tremendous help to me through a very difficult time in my life. I was able to work with Nanette to refocus my business strategy while also balancing children, marriage and family illness. The practices I learned from working with her continue to support me today in living a balanced life. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

~ Donna L. * Owner, Landscape and Design Business

“Nanette is a brilliant and intuitive coach. When I first started working with her I was in such a fearful place about my finances. However, with her caring and professional guidance I was able to shift from fear to feeling relaxed, excited and abundant. The sessions with Nanette were fun, yet extremely deep and insightful allowing me to unearth and release patterns and thoughts that were no longer serving me. The work we did together has really stayed with me. I am much happier, more confident and at ease now. Nanette’s coaching style, along with her natural warmth and intelligence, have made a profound and long lasting difference in my life. I am so grateful for her guidance and the difference it has made in my life.”

~ Debra L. * Intuitive Healer

“Working with Nanette was an enlightening and fruitful process for me. In the beginning I had a little difficulty keeping an open mind to some of the techniques she was using, probably a self defense mechanism. However, Nanette guided me through the process and really helped me get to the root of my issues. She taught me healthy coping skills and creative ways to think about my issues. She not only provides a sense of openness and security, but also reminds you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that we have the power to take in as much light as we need to, to get to our safe place in our hearts and in our minds. I am definitely on the right path.”

~ Gloria P. * LCSW

“Nanette was so wonderful and patient with me. She never made me feel guilty or judged. I felt so much love and acceptance during the process. I felt safe to share my life with her. During the guided visualizations I was able to identify when I started feeling lonely and how that became a safe place for me. I put pieces of my life experiences together to make what I was feeling make sense. I knew that things had happened in my life but I did not realize how much they had effected me and the impact on my weight. I have been able to really look at the situations and forgive myself and my mom and dad….which I was not really aware that I was holding in anger or disappointment. This has been the best experience. I cannot thank you enough for this part of my journey. It has been amazing.”

~ Corrine K. * Tech Guru

“Nanette is a fabulous resource in helping get in touch with your inner self. I have truly enjoyed working with her using visualization exercises to get at the root of some of problems I’ve wanted to solve.”

~ Brenda P.

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