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Open for Business is a fresh perspective that offers real tools to tap into your inner source. This book is chock full of helpful tools that will help you get unstuck, and move you into an expansive mindset. I especially appreciated the Overcoming Obstacles Exercise in Chapter 5 for the third chakra. It is easy to compartmentalize running a business and working in a professional field based in the spiritual, like my yoga studio. I found the wisdom for healing, not only for the imbalances in my business, but also (of course!) to heal the imbalances in myself. It is a rare treat to have practical support while on our metaphysical business journeys. This book helps us to remember where it all begins, and how to truly be open for business. Thank you Nanette for embodying this in a graceful and balanced way.

Jennifer Nadeau, Owner Jai Yoga

  Nanette Giacoma has written a very accessible, practical, and original book, combining two unlikely bedfellows – entrepreneurship and esoteric Eastern chakra theory. A plethora of fresh insights arise through this creative cross-fertilization. Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of the Hindu chakra model of the energy body, she utilizes this time-honored spiritual system, pertaining to the health and wholeness of the thriving human being, as a trustworthy guide for understanding what is necessary to generate health and wholeness in a thriving business. The book contains an array of practical insights and a wealth of exercises for the entrepreneur aspiring for success, with many tools for diagnosing and correcting a business not yet attaining its full potential. After outlining the essential issues represented by each chakra, she applies this perspective to similar issues that may arise for a business, a valid approach since both human being and business are living organisms. The heartfelt tone of the book is warm and encouraging, while not side-stepping difficult challenges. Nanette envisions and advocates for a flourishing business –one that pursues the highest good for all, a most refreshing clarion call in today’s world.

Karen Jaenke, PhD Chair, Consciousness & Transformative Studies John F. Kennedy University

Nanette Giacoma is a masterful writer and has integrated an immense expanse of knowledge into this book. Nanette is especially gifted because she is bilingual. She speaks the language of business with her MBA and corporate experience. She also speaks the language of spirit and energy and merges them into the most beautiful images representing the chakras.

She has woven together a certain wisdom and has the courage to voice it, sharing the energy of the divine feminine. Her writing opens up new possibilities for women in business, helping to transform the way we do our work by tapping into our source of knowing and the universal life energy we all seek. As a doctor, I know the ways blockages can manifest in the body; like thyroid disease when we don’t speak our truth, and the throat chakra becomes blocked. As a business owner, I know how energy blockages can undermine the function of our work causing us to feel stuck, making the same mistakes over and over. Open for Business offers amazing guidance for every woman who has an interest in her body and soul being balanced with work. Nanette has helped guide me in unraveling the hidden messages I was raised with and connect to a spirit guide who helps direct my decisions. I look forward to using this book to do chakra clearing to further strengthen the success of my practice, and aid in my own personal transformation.

Sarah Ackerly, Naturopathic Doctor Northern Sun Family Healthcare and Birth Center

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