Losing My Sole on My Soul Path

Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Helen Keller

A few weeks ago, the sole started to peel away from the bottom of my right barn boot. Granted, I had the boots for two years and wore them three times a day, all four seasons, to muck stalls, stack hay, slog through mud, mush through snow, and slide across the icy paddock after ice storms.

But, still! I was annoyed! The boots weren’t cheap. So, I kept wearing them, even as the mud crept between the bottom of the boot and the sole…even as the sole began to peel away more and more. I started rinsing the mud from between the two layers after every barn visit with the hope of extending my wear.

Until one day, while wheeling a bale of hay from the barn to the paddock, my foot got stuck in a particularly sticky mud patch. I pulled and tugged, then finally twisted my boot free from the muck…losing the sole of my boot in the goop. D*#@N!

Did that stop me? Nope! I wore the boots for the remainder of my barn chores. I felt the stones through the thin, rubber bottom and kept slipping in the mud because the tread was gone.

For the next week, I wore a different pair of boots. Not only did they not fit well, but they were shorter and got filled with shavings and hay every barn visit.

So, I finally broke down and bought a new pair of barn boots. Same brand, but sturdier than the last pair. After a few days, I noticed the sole of my right foot felt sore, like it had a bruise. Hmmm!? I realized that my socks were slipping down inside my new boots and rubbing the sole of my foot, creating a sore spot.

Okay!! I now knew that these experiences were not coincidences and that my Guides were trying to get my attention.

But what was the message? Then I laughed. My Guides have such a punny sense of humor. Of course, I lost my sole (soul) on my old boots! My new boots were rubbing my sole (soul) the wrong way!

Then the clarity came! Recently, I had been listening to others about what to do to increase mask sales, rather than listening to my heart. (An old behavior that has no soul.) From these conversations, I got it in my head that I should create an inventory of miniature masks. I created several small masks from plastic forms rather than a person’s face, but the process did not excite me. (It had no soul.) And while the masks turned out well, I see now that I had veered off my soul path.

Creating Spirit Guide Masks is not about creating “inventory” but intuitively connecting a person with their Guide. This is my gift. This is my work. And fortunately, my Guides are there to remind me.

Now, I hope my sole (soul) will finally be able to heel (heal). LOL

Sending love to you all from my heart and soul <3



Where have you lost your way? Who are you listening to when you veer off your soul path? Need help finding your way back to yourself? I will guide you in using your intuition and imagination, so you can start living from your soul.

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