Tree of Life Cycle

“And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves…” Virginia Wolf To the Lighthouse

In my life cycles, I want to be rooted in a way that lets me grow as a soul from a sapling, to a tree in flower, to one heavy with fruit. I want to harvest the best of me before I gather my energy in a brilliant autumn show. When exhausted, I will fall into a winter slumber.

In reality, during my life cycles, there have been times when life’s weather was harsh. The winds lashed my young boughs. Frost damaged my flower buds. Insects infested my fruit. Hard rains beat my gold leaves to the ground…until I stood naked in the snow, rooted in my soul, dreaming of a time my sap would rise again.

It’s autumn in Maine, and I am in autumn in my life cycle. Energetically, autumn can stir up transformational energy, creating feelings of restlessness. I have a profound desire to be brilliant like the autumn leaves. Yet, I long for a big gust of wind to help me loosen some of my habitual beleafs (beliefs) clinging to my uppermost tree limbs. These beleafs have been with me for so long, it’s hard to recognize them as separate from me. I’ve relied on them to keep me “safe” from others’ ire, anger, and ridicule.

The beleafs have to do with my deepest soul identity. It’s incredible how long I stunted my growth as an artist, writer, and spiritual intuitive. Oh yes! I’ve included all those things in what I do personally and professionally, but I wore my MBA as an armor of protection against adverse cultural elements, especially while “networking.” I was fearful of being seen as “other.” I wanted to feel like a powerful “business type.” But, my real power is rooted deep in the soil of my soul identity, where my innate instincts grow.

About ten years ago, not long after I finished my Master Intuitive Coaches training, I had a dream where upon entering a Bazar, a wise, old woman motioned to me and asked, “Why have you not used your gifts?” I answered, “I have not been called.” She raised her voice to megaphone volume and shouted, “Naaannneeettteee!” Then she told me to look at the table around the corner. When I got to the table, it was covered with masks of all shapes and sizes. And I felt a deep knowing that mask-making was my true work.

I’ve been making masks since 1996, and it took me until November 2021 before I was ready to own that piece of me in a more significant way. (See my blog post Through the Portal). Thank goodness Source and my Guides have infinite patience!

I still have to shake off a few more beleafs in preparation for the dark incubation period of winter. A resting place I know will cultivate and strengthen me so that come spring, my blooms will continue to flourish and produce luscious, ripe fruit.

The Tree of Life is a Spirit Guide I know will be there for me through all my life’s seasons. Where are you in your Tree of Life Cycle?

Blessing you with the beautiful, transformative energy of autumn <3

Xoxo, Nanette


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