Feeling Wild – Spring Energy

Change happens when the seasons shift from winter to spring to summer to fall. Seasonal changes happen personally and professionally as well as, and these are the changes that have the potential to transform you.  Nanette Giacoma, Open for Business


I don’t know about you, but spring always makes me feel a little unsettled energetically. I am restless. I have a hard time focusing on my work. I’m emotionally loose – I anger more easily, cry more readily, and laugh hysterically at small things. My boundaries deteriorate – I agree to too many things, and then exhaust myself getting it all done.

And then there’s my horse “Star” who suddenly acts like scary things lurk at every tree and rock we encounter. We’ve been riding in our field for nearly three years, but yesterday he acted like it was the first time. He usually likes to ride in the field, even though it makes him a bit antsy, prancey. But yesterday, he spooked so often I finally brought him in and rode in the arena. So what’s up with that?

Some of this has to do with the shifting energy of the earth as it prepares to rebirth – birds build nests to lay eggs. Animals hunt for food to feed their new borns. Once frozen water flows. All of this leads to an overall sense of frenzy, like a swollen mountain river rushing with snow melt.

Yet there’s a wildness to spring that’s beyond the increased activity that comes with it. Although, I’ve never read this, I feel there’s a strong association with spring and the second (sacral) chakra. The sacral chakra’s energetic goals are fluidity, passion, pleasure, beauty, desire, romance, and connection.

The sacral chakra element is water, and the Sanskrit name “Svadhisthana” means sweetness. If you put those two together, you get a juicy, sweet, energetic flow. It’s wonderful, and intoxicating, and can make us feel a little wild!

Think about it! Spring is when we energetically open up. We start to come out of our winter metaphorical shell where we’ve been hunkered down (hopefully doing some inner work). Now it’s time to allow all that inner insight to flow out into the world and greater universe.

So, I begin to wonder, what will happen if I lean into the wild, unsettling energy of spring? What if I walk in nature and absorb the rebirthing happening around me? But, rather than allowing it to pull me along at its whim, I consciously engage it. I converse with my Inner Wild Woman and ask her to show me what new seeds to plant, what passions to focus my energy on, what to create, and what to let fly away.

So here are some ways I’m going to consciously engage the spring energy and keep the flow in my sacral chakra.

  • Write down all the creative ideas that are based in my passions
  • Create – write, do art, or  engage in another creative process I enjoy
  • Take more baths with epsom salts. Add floral essential oils, like lavender, rose, or blue tansy
  • Play more
  • Yell in a secluded place when I feel emotionally loose

By staying in the energetic wildness of spring, I allow my Inner Wild woman to inform me. She will tell me what to grow next and how to nurture it so that I can harvest it in the fall.

If you would like help working with your unsettling spring energy, contact me for a free 30 minute consult.

With beauty and passion.

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