Open for Business

Read the book that bridges business school with personal and spiritual well being.

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Are you missing a piece of your professional success puzzle?

Are you doing everything right, but somehow your business just isn’t thriving?

Or your career isn’t as flourishing or fulfilling as you would like?

Tapping into your personal and professional chakra energy is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Open For Business Book by Nanette GiacomaOpen for Business explains the human chakra energy system that sages have known about for centuries and teaches you how to apply it in the business world – whether you are seeking to advance your career, grow your own business, or experience more professional fulfillment.

In this pioneering book chock full of information, you will learn how to assess your personal and professional chakras, what to do if the energy is deficient or excessive, and how to align and balance the chakras for transformation and ultimate success.

Open for Business is a chakra energy first aid kit that contains everything you need:

  • Quick reference guides for each chakra
  • Chakra assessment forms, balancing instructions, and affirmations
  • Written and recorded guided journeys
  • A business chakra solutions reference chart

When you work with Open for Business, you will:

  • Discover True North on your professional compass
  • Solve your most challenging career and business problems
  • Tap into the business and life-changing power of synchronicity
  • Make the personal and professional shifts that will transform your business and your life

Unite your innate energy with your infinite potential!

Tap into the power of the chakras and achieve the personal and professional success of your dreams.


Nanette Giacoma, author Open for Business bookAuthor Nanette Giacoma, MBA, MA, is a renaissance woman. She has combined the best of her education, training, skills, and 25 plus years of experience in business, coaching, energy work, and art to craft a pioneering system of personal and professional transformation.  Now she has taken that  system and written a book that shows you how tap into your chakra energy and achieve personal, professional, and business success tailor made just for you.


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