Entering the Portal of Change

The portal to the building of my new Portland office
222 St. John Street; Portland, ME

Have you ever been scared of entering into a new phase of life or business? Change can be a portal into opportunities you never imaged. How do you approach a new door? Do you try to control every aspect, or do you close your eyes, and jump to your next destination without thought?

I’m currently at the portal of big change on many fronts in the upcoming year. My daughter is heading to college. My husband, will start working from a home. I too work from home much of the time. I’m also considering offering more human resource development training through my business.

True, I still have several months before this all officially takes place, but the energy is already shifting, and I’m finding I need to start planning where and how to make changes personally and professionally to meet that energy. I have a choice in how I respond. Although planning is important, trying to control exactly how it all plays out will squeeze the energetic life out any momentum.

There is a delicate balance between going with the flow and planning. Going with the flow is a second (sacral) charka energy, while plans and goals are more of a third (solar plexus) chakra energy. Some interpret going with the flow as permission to be carried along in life or business without responsibility, but I think it means to allow flow.

When change happens, it’s easy to get mired in our previous plans and try to force our goals. Goals need to be balanced with flow. Don’t get me wrong, goals are magic! They help us focus our intentions, actions and let us know when we get to where we intended. Just don’t get stuck in the plan and forget to allow flow when change happens.

When faced with change, ask yourself whether you are energetically flowing or stagnating. In this day and age of fast moving change, the ability to quickly analyze and creatively move with the right opportunities is imperative.

I’ve been working on my plans to move forward through the portal of upcoming changes in my life and business. I made new goals, applied for new certifications, updated my manifestation board (aka, vision board) and just when I think I have it all figured out, synchronicity happened! An opportunity came my way to share office space in Portland, Maine with a person I knew would be a good fit for me.

I’ve been doing more and more business in Portland, and I had been thinking about finding office space there, but had not really spent much time looking. In an instant, I had to decide if I wanted to take this opportunity and flow into a revised plan to work part-time in Portland.

Of course, I had to make sure it would work with my budget, fit me personally, and fill the needs of my clients. A mob of internal voices filled my head with all the reasons I shouldn’t change course, “Do you really need to spend the extra money?” “You have to sign a years lease, what if things change before then?” “Why can’t you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?” But, in the end I used my sixth chakra energy to listen to my intuition, and she said, “Yes, yes, yes!”

So, I’ll be moving into my new office space on November 3rd at 222 St. John Street. I’m over the moon excited! I know this change will flow easily into an adjusted plan beautifully.

Are you having trouble allowing flow in your plans? Here are a few second chakra tips to change that.

  • Take a hot, meditative bath with some wild orange or jasmine essential oils
  • Write or revise your vision and mission statements
  • Journal your feelings about change
  • Wear orange (the second charka color)
  • Say affirmations that support flow. I embrace new discoveries. I discover new ways of being every day. I change with ease.

Or, maybe you’ve been flowing without any direction, and your personal or professional life has become a raging river of fractured efforts and energy. In that case, you need to  bolster your third chakra energy.

  • Take your vision, and mission statements, and move them into actionable steps.
  • Make SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound) to help you determine who is involved, what needs to be done, what action steps to take, and when you will get there.
  • If you don’t know your goals at this time, write down some intentions or objectives that you can turn into SMART goals.

Change often brings up fear of the unknown, and stress about things beyond our control. Yet, when you take a balanced approach to change, you can move beyond the fear and stress, and allow for flow within the plan.

Here’s to new portals of opportunity and success!



To those who work with her, Nanette Giacoma is the Chakrapreneur. By walking between the worlds of traditional business and alternative practices, Nanette offers you a unique path to growth, discovery, purpose, and success.
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