Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The current COVID crises has created troubled waters for all of us at some level. It presents health and wellness obstacles, financial difficulties and emotional upheaval. Some of you have had great losses: of loved ones, jobs, or personal safety, let alone a loss of peace of mind. So how can you bridge troubled waters?

The current situation hits us squarely in the first (root) chakra, which is correlated with safety, security, physical health, money, work, home and social belonging. And while we may not have control over what’s happening, we can still find ways to support our root chakra. By supporting our root chakra we not only energetically help build a bridge for our own well-being, but that positive energy ripples out into the world as well.

Here are 10 ways to support your first chakra and begin building a sturdy, new bridge:

  1. Clean and reorganize your closet, desk, storage area, files, etc.
  2. Rearrange your work space (wherever you are working) so that your work flows more easily
  3. Make a new budget, based on your situation
  4. Apply for a loan and/or unemployment. Consolidate current loans
  5. Eat first chakra foods – root vegetables, meat, nuts, and seeds
  6. Nurture yourself with an epsom or sea salt bath with root chakra essential oils: cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense (wood-based scents)
  7. Get more sleep and/or exercise
  8. Listen or dance to drumming music
  9. List your fears and worries, then create affirmations that assert your safety and well-being
  10. Get outside and get grounded with a walk in nature, planting a garden, or doing yard work

Finally, many of you may be feeling isolated, and need to build a bridge with others. We are all in this together. Staying connected through this is paramount, that helps us maintain our sense of social belonging. Where do you need support? Reach out for help! Where can you be of help? Perhaps there is one small thing can you do for someone who is struggling. It is often the small actions that matter most to create a sense of belonging for ourselves and others. Be a bridge!

Sending all of you love, blessings, and wellness!


To those who work with her, Nanette Giacoma is the Chakrapreneur®. As an author, teacher, coach, essential oils specialist, energy healer, and intuitive, Nanette walks between the worlds of traditional business and alternative practices. Integrating 25 plus years of business experience and 12 years of coaching experience with unconventional methods, Nanette works holistically with her students and clients to help them achieve the kind of success that leads to professional and personal fulfillment. Nanette has an MBA and an MA in Art and Consciousness Studies. She is a Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master, and a Certified Master Intuitive Coach.

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