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There’s a lot of talk about mindset these days. Your mindset is an established set of beliefs or attitudes that you hold. Lots of blogs and articles make it sounds like you can magically flip a switch and shift your mindset. But, your beliefs were learned a long time ago and are deeply ingrained. So, while shifting your mindset sounds simple, it takes effort.

I believe mindset is energetically integrated the body, mind and soul, so sometimes it’s hard to pick just one chakra to balance when trying to shift your mindset around an issue. I find It helps to look at the particular belief or action that you are trying to change.

Here are the top seven mindset challenges I hear about in my coaching practice and associated chakra correlations.

  1. Root chakra – Not enough money
  2. Sacral chakra – Can’t follow passions
  3. Solar plexus chakra – Unable to reach goals
  4. Heart chakra – Disconnected from heart-center in decisions
  5. Throat chakra – Ineffective marketing campaign
  6. Third-eye chakra – Don’t listen to intuition
  7. Crown chakra – Disconnected from Spiritual Source

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, here are a few ways to balance your chakras and begin aligning your energy to your new mindset.

  1. Root – Make a budget and track your earnings and spending daily and/or work on family patterns related to money.
  2. Sacral – Do things that give you joy and vitality – eat what you want, get a new haircut, dance, buy new clothes, get intimate, have sex, etc.
  3. Solar Plexus – Write down your core values. Rewrite your goals once you are clear about those values. Daily, complete one action toward reaching your goals.
  4. Heart – Practice being aware of your harsh judgements of yourself and others and send love and compassion in those moments.
  5. Throat – Spend time clarifying your “why” and what feels like an authentic way to communicate your marketing message. Revamp your campaign using that as your guide.
  6. Third-eye – Journal your dreams and/or daydream. Write down smells, sensations, inner knowings, feelings and hunches and what you intuit from them.
  7. Crown – Start your day before work with a spiritual practice like meditation or silence and set your intention to co-create with your Spiritual Source.

Changing your mindset about anything is a practice. It takes time, awareness and deep compassion for yourself. And remember it’s about progress not perfection.

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