How to Tame a Mind Monster


When making decisions, most of us have a bunch of inner and outer voices telling us “yes” do that; “no” you’re doing it wrong. If we listen to these voices without discernment, we often run into problems.

One of my most vocal voices is Money Monster. Like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, Money Monster is never satisfied with how much money I have. When I listen to Money Monster, I may say “yes” to decisions that don’t serve me in the long run. Furthermore, I may say “no” to what’s working and follow the shiny new object Money Monster has put in front of me.

Occasionally, there really is a new direction worth following that will take me closer to my goals. But, how do I discern between my mind monster and my inner wisdom? By following the wisdom in my heart.

Heart wisdom is correlated with the fourth (heart) chakra. When you work in the energetic flow of the heart chakra, you will shift how you listen to the inner and outer voices. They generally don’t magically become silent, but you start to observe them without getting caught up in the drama.

When you work from the power inherent in your heart wisdom, you will attract synchronicity in the form of your highest ideals, desires, positive feelings, and right actions. The right situations and people come into your life and business at just the right time. These are the moments you know your next right step without second guessing yourself. Vibrationally, you know your thoughts, actions, and emotions are in sync with your heart wisdom.

In challenging situations, a mind monster is sure to show up from time to time. If you are familiar with how it sounds, you will be more likely to recognize it. I still get caught in thoughts and take actions that come directly from a mind monster. I’ve been programmed for years to listen to it, and sometimes a mind monster catches me off-guard when I’ve been triggered by someone or something. But, eventually I realize it and tap back into my heart wisdom. Clarity of direction and grounded actions always follow.

Do you feel hampered in a situation, or are having a hard time reaching your goals? Is there a mind monster involved? Here’s how to tame it.

  • Journal a conversation between you, your mind monster and your heart-centered soul-self. (Stream of consciousness writing –  no censuring.)
    • Allow your monster to completely voice its opinions. Write it all down – no matter how ridiculous, rude or manipulative it sounds.
    • Respond in writing by asking your mind monster its name, why it is present in your life and when it was born. Write down the mind monster’s answer.
    • Tell your monster how you feel when it hampers your ability to move forward in your personal and/or professional life. Allow yourself to tell the whole story – yes you can cuss!
    • Next allow your soul-self to respond in writing to you and your mind monster – separately or together – whatever feels right. Again, no censuring – stream of consciousness.
    • After journaling these conversations you’ll be able to better distinguish between the voice of your mind monster, your reaction to it, and what your soul-self sounds like.
    • From your soul-self’s perspective, journal next steps in the situation to reach your goals or desired outcome. You may try starting with, “For my highest good, and the highest good of all…”

Mind monsters are a challenge for everyone. Try to have some compassion for them, after all they often are a part of your sub-conscious programming. Becoming familiar with them will help you identify when they are trying to run the show. Ignoring them or pushing them away, often makes them louder. Acknowledging them will help you redirect your attention and actions from a heart-centered place.

Happy monster taming!

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