Dancing with Fire

Living and working from your passion, is a second chakra thing. And yes, it includes sex! That same passionate, pleasurable, sensual energy moves out into your life and business as well. Nanette Giacoma, Open for Business

I often encourage clients to work from their flame – their passion – rather than waste time with actions not aligned with their Big Why. The passions of your second (sacral) chakra fuel the flames of your why that are directly tied to your actions, which are correlated with your third (solar plexus) chakra.

Ideally, your Big Why is the reason you went into your profession in the first place. When you are clear about your why, you will be better able to persevere in the face of adversity. You will be more motivated to face challenges head on and come up with solutions to problems. You will also be able to communicate your vision and mission in a strong and inspirational way.

However, in the day-to-day, it’s easy to lose track of your why – and I’m no exception. Lately, I’ve been been feeling like there’s a low burning candle dripping wax into the energy of my business. The problem is that I’ve been dancing with too many fires – some that were related to my passion, and some that I like, but are not directly tied to my Big Why.

I’m not talking about big actions or huge decisions. These are everyday choices about how I use my time, energy and resources. In this way the passions of my second chakra are tied to my powerful third chakra actions – ultimately helping me to magically manifest my goals. Except, some of my actions were layered in wax – keeping me from doing that exact thing.

Once I realized what was happening (with the help of my coaches) I let some fires die and refocused on fueling the best and biggest bon fire ever!

If you’re finding that you’re spending too much time in your wax, and not enough time dancing with your fire, here’s some fuel to fan the flames.

  • Journal about the fire (passion) in your personal or professional belly.
  • Write a personal or professional mission statement based on your Big Why.
  • Make a weekly list and prioritize daily actions – a very effective way to see where you are spending your time and energy.
  • Get in touch energetically with your Big Why – meditate while soaking in a bath with clary sage and citrus essential oils. (Water is the second chakra element)
  • Journal any creative ideas, inspirations or off-the-wall thoughts.
  • Create something using a creative or artistic process – you do not have to be an artist to do this!
  • Play like a child.
  • Wear orange – the energetic color of the second chakra.
  • Create an affirmation and say it daily. “I love dancing with the fire of my passions.” I lean into my sensuality.” “Creativity is my natural state of being.”

It’s so easy to get distracted by what you think you “should” be doing. Do a gut check and see if your actions are truly tied to your passions. Do you feel the energy connecting the second to the third chakra? How strong is it? Does it feel sticky, like it’s covered in wax? Or, is it a magnificent flame?

No matter what you feel energetically, it’s never too late to start dancing with the flames of your passions and desires!


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