Your Money or Your Soul?!

Money! There are few things that cause fear, stress, and strife like money does. But, money can also be the cause of job, gratitude, and fun!

Money is complex. How you earn, spend, save and invest is emotional. It is the top reason for both divorce and for business failure. No wonder it triggers so many of us! It certainly can be a source of angst for me at times.

Like oxygen, you have to have money, personally, and professionally, as does the business you work in. Without money you will most like have a more difficult personal path, or feel you are unsuccessful professionally. And in business – no money, no business!

Close your eyes for a moment and think about how you handle money personally and professionally. Now take a breath – is your breath constricted or does it flow easily?

The way oxygen feeds your body is similar to how money feeds you personally and professionally. Metaphorically, you can breathe in too much or too little. How is your money situation reflected in your breath?

Are you spending on life-giving things? Are you investing wisely? Are you saving responsibly? On the flip side, perhaps you are you overspending to fill a hole in your soul. Or, holding on too tightly – never spending except when absolutely necessary, out of fear of not having enough.

Your money paradigm is reflected in your first (root) chakra energetically. The energetic goals of the root chakra include, safety, security, belonging, health, shelter, work, home, and money. All of which, are foundational to your health and wellbeing.

So if you are having significant issues with money, or other areas related to the first chakra, you may have an imbalance that needs addressing.

A good place to research your energetic connection to money, is to look at your history. Did you inherit your money attitudes from your family, your industry, or society at large? What are those attitudes? Are they life giving or soul sucking?

Your money paradigm leaks into your personal and professional life. Your thoughts lead to feelings about how to make, share, spend, and save your money. You then take action based on those feelings.

Notice, I said feelings – not rational thoughts. Even though you think you are being rational, you are most likely acting on your emotions – feelings of fear, sadness, confidence, anger, generosity, love, etc.Do you feel you are in trouble financially, either personally or professionally? How likely do you feel your profession will provide for your basic life needs such as food, shelter, and clothing? If your thoughts and subsequent feelings about money are not life giving, what are you doing about it?

Give your relationship to money some focused attention. How can you increase your confidence and joy about money. Try a few of these first chakra balancing techniques as way to bring about a healthy relationship with money that will support your soul.

  • Ask for a raise.
  •  Invest some money.
  • Open a savings account.
  • Balance your checkbook monthly.
  • Track your earnings and spending daily.
  • Make a budget.
  • Apply for a loan or pay back a loan.
  • Consolidate your loans.
  • Keep a journal and look for patterns in your mood and energy that relate to what you earn, spend, save and invest.
  • Create affirmations that assert your safety and well-being. For example, “I am financially secure.” “I have plenty.”

Money is energy (just like everything else in the universe). As such, money is meant to be exchanged. When your money exchange is balanced, the good money can do for you, and out in the world, increases. That “good” is where the soul of money meets your soul. You don’t have to choose between the two!

With gratitude!


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