Rooted in Plenty

It’s about creating a life in which you have plenty so that you are able to be fully, truly, authentically, wildly you. Luna Jaffe. Wild Money; A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom

Plenty! I like the term Plenty. It has heart and soul. It reaches into our center and chases scarcity from the dark recesses of our minds.

Energetically, plenty is correlated to the first (root) chakra. It is associated with having healthy food, a stable home, feeling like you belong to a family or social group and financial freedom.

Professionally, plenty often comes in the form of an exciting, profitable business and/or work that you love with a generous salary and great benefits.

Yet, so many of us fall short of feeling like we have plenty. While true poverty does exists, many people suffer more from a poverty mentality rather than true poverty.

What about you? Do you suffer from a poverty mentality? Do you ever have these kinds of thoughts?

There isn’t enough money, love or happiness to go around.
I have to hide my “real” self in order to belong?
I’ll never get ahead financially, even if I work until I’m 100.
I always feel like a sense of “home” is out of reach.

If so, you are likely suffering from a poverty mentality.

Over the years we are subconsciously programed by parents, teachers, spouses, friends, family and society in general. We accept scarcity as true without even realizing it, but in reality feelings of scarcity are just the result of thoughts that need to be unlearned.

Unlearning these thoughts will help you rebalance your first chakra and bring PLENTY into your life and business. How do you unlearn these thoughts?

  1. Start by becoming aware of when poverty or scarcity thinking is present.
  2. Remind yourself these are just thoughts, not true.
  3. Create an affirmation and say it every time you catch yourself engaging in scarcity thinking. (i.e., I have plenty, I am wealthy in all ways, I am a magnet for prosperity)
  4. Take action that confirms your new prosperity thinking (i.e., invest $20 or more a month, track your spending daily, get family therapy, clear your home of clutter)
With consistent effort (it does not have to be perfect effort) you will begin to see a shift in your thinking and your prosperity.

Happy unlearning!

With gratitude,
Do you need some help getting rooted in plenty?A chakra assessment for you, your team and/or your business will help you to see where the imbalances are. Receive tools and techniques for finding your energetic soul-connection to plenty.

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