How to Clear Your Professional Energy

While the Universe was reportedly created in chaos, it is not the best model for your professional life and business. There may be times your solar system feels overcrowded. Perhaps, you have too many planets in orbit to effectively keep them all spinning. Or maybe new galaxies are being born, and they feel a bit volatile and unstable. You end up feeling overwhelmed and realize you have lost your center and fear you will next loose your mind.

So how do you keep pace with your ever-expanding Universe? By clearing space.

Because you are living in a culture that encourages clutter, it is more important than ever to determine what is essential to you professionally (and what is not).

Energetically, when you are overburdened, you won’t be able to focus your thoughts and actions to manifest the success you want. Your message to the Universe gets garbled because there is no clear signal about what is important to you.

Holding onto people and things that anchor you in a past that no longer reflects who you are and where you are going will burden you and keep you energetically stuck. Being overly busy or distracted by people and/or things keeps you separated from your spiritual Source.

Ask yourself, “where is there clutter in my personal and professional life or business?” What is truly essential. What is nonessential? Here are three areas to consider clearing.

  1. Clear out your physical space (personal and professional) – that closet that seems to gather everything you have no other place for, or clear your attic, basement, desk drawers, filing cabinets, old files in banker’s boxes, etc.
  2. Look at your relationships. Are there people with whom you are spending time who are interfering with your progress? Maybe you are hanging out with some negative people who sap your time and energy. Do you need to spend less time or no time with these people?
  3. What about your commitments? Start clearing your calendar of commitments that no longer feed your soul? Perhaps you are on too many boards or committees, or maybe you say yes when you really mean no. Practice saying “no”!

Once you have determined what you need to release, write down a list of the things, people, and/or commitments you wish to release and then burn or bury your list. This will further release that stagnant energy and signal the Universe that you are ready to let go of old energy so that fresh energy can come in. It is especially powerful to do a clearing  ritual (like burning) during a full moon.

Having cleared your energy, it is equally important to write down your professional intentions and goals. Make small daily actions towards those goals. You will be surprised how synchronistically the right things, people and situations will suddenly start to show up.

Happy clearing!


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