Walking a Mystical Path Wearing Practical Shoes

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Walking a Mystical Path Wearing Practical Shoes

March 13, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EST


Many of you have learned that the mystical and practical are divided. That is a myth. There is no separation! All of life and work is a part of the mystical path.

As you walk your mystical path, how do your metaphorical shoes fit? Are your feet comfortable? Is your conscience clear (mostly)? Does your work have purpose and meaning? Do you feel safe and secure? Do you have a content personal life? Is your personal life in harmony with your professional life? Are you having fun?

In this 2-hour zoom class, you will explore your connection with your Spiritual Source and your beliefs about what is mystical and what is practical. You will learn to step into a new pair of shoes designed specially to help you walk a mystical path towards greater connection with your Spiritual Source.

  • Create a sacred space to connect with Spiritual Source
  • Assess your crown chakra and connection with your Spiritual Source 
  • Get tools to reframe your beliefs and act from Spiritual Source in any situations
  • Learn ways to balance your crown chakra and center daily in Spiritual Source
  • Create a pair of mystical shoes that you can “wear” on your practical path