Sheila M. * CFDP

I met Nanette a year ago and understood the services True Balances could provide. At the time I met her I thought what a great advocate to have; however I was in a good place at the time. Then 2015 happened and I had a number of personal family matters push me off balance and” to the curb”. Not just personally, it was affecting me professionally as well as the two are intertwined! I knew I had gotten in a rut and needed some help getting out. Nanette has a variety of methods, tailored to what you are most open to. I can be a stubborn individual so she had a challenge on her hands! She was able to patiently guide me through some processes that helped not only clarify where I wanted to go but how to get there with renewed confidence and inspiration. I am fortunate to have Nanette in my life to provide me with the tune- up I needed.

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