Run * Duck * Play Dead

…the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. Carl Jung

This summer, I took some time off from sending out a newsletter. It was a bit of a chaotic summer with some wonderful opportunities, but also some difficult situations as well. And frankly, I was having a hard time getting my thoughts together enough to write a coherent message.

During the summer months, I’ve been visited routinely by a baby woodchuck (aka, groundhog), as I walk to the barn to feed the horses mornings and afternoons. Many of my encounters have been hilarious. Once, I startled it as it grazed on the plentiful clover. It took off on its short little legs, tripped over its own feet, only to tumble down the hill, then get up and run again. Very comic – I laughed out loud! I’ve also come upon it “playing dead” several times. I was close enough to reach down and pet it, had I been so inclined. It wasn’t very good at “playing dead” and kept looking at me, blinking it’s cute little eyes. And then sometimes, it caught sight of me ahead of time, so all I would see is its fuzzy hind end as it ducked for cover in the bushes.

Of course, after multiple meetings, I knew this little woodchuck was sent to me as a Spirit Guide, and I began to listen for its message. I’ve had a hard time sleeping over the summer, and I know it was due to the stress and anxiety I am still feeling about national and world events, as well as, my travel to Finland, and some relationship challenges.

Like the Woody the woodchuck (I know! Creative name – right?!), I’ve tried to quell my shock and anxiety of the present and future using Woody’s methods. I’ve tried to metaphorically run away, by staying busy with things “needing” to be done around the house, barn and yard. (Okay, they probably really do need to be done – just not all at once). Invariably, I “trip over my own feet” as I put too many projects on my plate, and then stress about not getting it all done, because I can’t within the timeframe I’ve given myself. Instead of dealing with the real reasons for my stress, I’ve given myself some fake reasons – so yes, I’m running away from it all.

Other times, I “play dead” by playing electronic games or sticking my nose in a “brain-candy” book (Wordle is really addicting). I actually know when and why I’m doing this. In other words, my “eyes are open” like Woody’s. Yet, I still distract myself from doing the things I need to be doing because, frankly, I just can’t mentally focus – despite my morning yoga and meditation. A little distraction is certainly just fine, but not when I realize it’s 10 a.m., I’m still in my yoga clothes, and I have a list of things that I really do need to get done.

Lastly, I’ve been feeling like running and ducking for cover – a lot! I just want to shut out all the bad stuff going on, so I ignore national and world events for awhile. As long as this doesn’t become my permanent state of being, it’s a healthy break from the heaviness of it all. But, seriously I have to watch that I don’t put my head in the sand. Not all that many years ago, I did that much of the time.

Fact is, world events will consistently be a potential source of anxiety, my to-do list is still long, and my personal relationships will always come with some emotional bumps. However, like Woody, I’ve gained some wisdom through my experiences. He now waits to see where I’m heading before taking off in a panic. He no longer fakes being dead, nor trips all over himself.

Fall is nearly here in New England and Woody is all grown up. And I’m finally able to focus a bit better. I’ve created a realistic to-do list and prioritize it. I’m paying attention to my Guides and trusting them to “show me” the way through difficult relationships, and world events.

They have been reminding me that my daily micro-actions kindle an energetic light that ripples into my own life and out in the world. Most of us don’t have the the wherewithal to make big sweeping changes out in the world. We can however, decide how to respond with awareness and micro-actions in our day-to-day lives.

I am ever grateful that my Guides continue to send me Intuitive Coaching clients and Spirit Guide Mask clients. Through my client’s spoken gratitude and financial support, they remind me that what I do for work matters – and I’ve needed some reassurance of that lately. I’ve always felt called to this sacred work, and I feel it is one way I send positive ripples of light out into the world.

What micro-actions do you do that kindle light in the world. It might be as simple as being kind, recycling, standing up for your beliefs, helping a neighbor, creating awareness in yourself, growing vegetables, or raising your child to take care of Mother Earth. What you do matters!

Here’s a link to my Quieting Your Mind and Emotions  pdf that may give you some ideas on how to create the space to become aware of the micro-actions that you want to do, or perhaps you are already doing.

Sending you Fall Blessings!


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