Heart of Fire

…the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. Carl Jung

I started the Phoenix mask, pictured below, in 2013. I put it in a forgotten corner of my stairwell, and there it sat all this time. And that, metaphorically, sums up some areas of my soul growth.

For many years I’ve wrestled with recurring thoughts that cause me to undervalue the work I do. It doesn’t help that there is the background noise of the over-culture forever telling me what “success” should look like – power over others, money without heart or soul, and complete control of your life plan (as if that is even possible). There are also people near and dear to me who are kinda caught up in these false values. It’s not uncommon for us to end up head-to-head in a heated argument about this, which happened a few weeks ago.

Head-to-head! And that is part of the issue. In those moments, I’m working from the Ego Head – that part of me that is head strong and heart poor. This part of me rears its ugly head when something triggers my inner wounded child. I become defensive, and I come out spitting fire! Sometimes, I need to create a circle of fire for my self-protection, but other times, my intent is to burn them.

Around the same time as the latest argument, the mask sitting in the stairwell intuitively called to me. I knew it was time to work with the fiery energy of the Phoenix and finish the mask. Fire is the ultimate cleanser and purifier. It burns through the metaphorical overgrowth that limits our beliefs and spiritual transformation. I knew I was being called by Phoenix to burn through some of the thought brambles that have been keeping me from progressing as a soul.

While working through a particularly thorny technical issue on the mask, I had a dream that I am standing in a gravel parking lot on a mountain side with my brother who passed 12 years ago. He lived a creative, rather bohemian lifestyle, but unfortunately succumbed to addiction. He represents that side of myself that wants to be true to my soul path, but is addicted. In my case, the addiction is to the thought patterns preventing me from fully valuing my soul path.

In the dream a yellow car, with a skeleton driving, is heading up the mountain to pick us up. But, as he comes closer, a fire ignites within the car. The skeleton drives past us sparking fires along the way, setting the mountainside ablaze. There we stand in the heart of the fire watching the forest burn around us.

This is a message from Phoenix! Time to burn away the brambles of addictive patterns, and stop the victim thinking! I can decide NOT to give power to those who want to diminish my Light! There’s nothing to argue about.

As part of this process, I embraced my creative magic and completed the Phoenix mask. It signifies my readiness to release the energy of the addictive thought patterns. I also did a ritual cleansing with fire using a sage smudge stick.

First, I set my intention to release the energy of the addictive thought patterns. I then set a second intention to fully value the vibration of my creative soul. I lit the sage smudge stick, then wafted the sacred, cleansing smoke into my office space, my art studio, and the rest of the rooms in my house while repeating the words, “I release my victim thinking, I completely embrace the creative vibration of my soul.”

Smudging with sage is an easy way to bring the cleansing and purifying energy of fire into any situation or space to clear away the brambles and thorns of the things impeding your soul path.

Sending you blessings with the fiery beauty and transformation of autumn!

P.S. Respond to this email if interested in acquiring Phoenix as your Spirit Guide. I feel like my work with her is complete. She is now available to help you burn away things that are snuffing out your soul. I will include an intuitive Spirit Guide Reading unique to you with next steps in the physical realm and on your soul path.


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