Bone Woman Guided Journey

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Bone Woman Journey (1)

In life we become wounded. It may be by a person, a situation, or perhaps you inherited a wounded history. In that moment of wounding, you lose an innate part of your life-force. Yet, this part is like a bone – it’s hard and indestructible. It is this piece that Bone Woman takes and keeps safe until you are ready to reclaim it.

Get comfortable and close your eyes. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Notice any tense places in your body and breathe into them, releasing the tension with your out-breath. Breathe from your belly, allowing your breath to become slow and deep, As you do, further relax.

Now, sense the space within that opens the door to your dreaming mind – to your imagination. There you find yourself in a hot, dry, desert. The sun is high and intense. It seems you are all alone. Look around. What do you see? Spend a few moments acquainting yourself with your surroundings. Does anything capture your attention? 

In the distance you see a large arch made of red sandstone. At the top of the arch you notice the entrance to a cave. You begin to walk towards the cave hoping for a cool, dark place to rest from the scorching, hot sun. Each step takes effort. Yet, the promise of coolness urges you on. You travel over the dry, sandy ground, each step bringing you closer to the cave. You notice the cacti and dusty scrub brush that grow in the desert. And you wonder, how? How can they grow in this habitat? 

This place requires you to dig deep within yourself for resources you didn’t even know you had. Over and over, you walk down sandstone embankments and up again. Until, you find yourself standing before the formidable sandstone arch. You see the cave 60 feet above you. How ever will you get there? You then notice steps worn into the side of the arch leading up to the cave, and you begin to slowly ascend them.

Once at the mouth, you step inside. It is dark, cool and inviting. White crystals light a spiral path into the belly of the cave. You hear the sound of water splashing somewhere deep within, and you are suddenly filled with a great thirst! You descend into the belly of the cave guided by the lights along the spiral path. With each step it gets cooler. The only sound you hear is that of the water. As you walk deeper into the cave, you go deeper within yourself. Each step takes you closer to your true nature – your true self.

 Finally, you arrive in a large cavern with a beautiful, cold spring. Go to the spring and take a deep, long drink. Immediately you are refreshed and revived. It is only then you notice your surroundings. What does the cavern look like? Notice every detail. Your eyes ultimately come to rest on an ancient woman sitting at the center of the cavern, encircled in the lighted white crystals. This is Bone Woman.

Respectfully, walk up and greet Bone Woman. Use all your senses to discover what you can of the appearance and temperament of this remarkable woman. She is the Wise One who knows your inner truths. What does she look like? Notice the particulars of her face, clothes and hair. Recognize Bone Woman’s profound love for you and bottomless belief in your worthiness. A deep silence falls upon you as you gaze at one another. 

Next to her is an incredible bag of lost bones. Within she has a bone that she has kept safe for you – a part of your indestructible life-force. Bone Woman says you are ready to retrieve this bone. She pulls it from her bag, and hands it to you. As she does, she begins to sing – breathing your soul truth and consciousness into the very marrow at the center of the bone

In resonance, the bone begins to vibrate in your hand. Your soul feels the bone’s longing to return to its birthplace and help you re-member your wholeness. You release your grasp on the bone and it intuitively restores itself where it belongs. 

Where in your body, mind or soul do you sense the re-membering? Allow yourself to be fully present with the process. How does it feel? What do you see? What do you intuit? Completely embody your bone. What part of your life-force are you reclaiming? 

Bone Woman has a message for you. It may come as a verbal message, a symbol, a feeling, a knowing, or any other form that speaks to your soul. What is the message?

 When you are ready, thank Bone Woman for returning your bone and sharing her wisdom with you. Bone Woman is always available to you. Call on her anytime you need her wisdom or wish to re-member another lost bone. Now take a deep inhalation and breathe in the truth of your wholeness. As you exhale a mist surrounds you, and Bone Woman disappears into the mist.

 When the mist clears, you find you are once again beneath the great sandstone arch. Survey the desert you traveled to reach Bone Woman. Has it changed since you first arrived? Delve into your innermost feelings and integrate your experience. Stand in your wholeness and know you can always re-member your true life force.

Now, I will count to three. As I do, the desert and arch dissolve. (One, two, three) Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes. Slowly bring your consciousness to the present moment. Take your time. When you are ready, open your eyes and journal about your journey in the present tense, as if it is happening now.

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