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Welcome to your portal for living a creative, intuitive life from the health of your soul.

Intuitive Coaching

When you align your actions with your higher intentions, you will reach your goals and walk an authentic path to inner and outer success.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities and improves and maintains health.

Have you always been curious about your guides? Mask-making will take you on a journey beneath the mask you wear every day and touch your soul. Learn more. Spirit Guide Experience. Spirit Guide Masks

At this time of global transformation, Nanette’s books give you the tools you need to live from the wisdom of your soul and create a Spiritual Map to reach True North in your personal and professional life. Learn more.

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About Me

Nanette Giacoma, MBA, MA

Nanette is an intuitive coach, artist, author, and energy healer. She helps her clients align with their highest potential, personally and professionally. Integrating 15 years of intuitive coaching, 25 years as a transformative artist and writer, ten years as an energy healer, and 30-plus years as a business leader, she lives for those profound moments of insight that are the harbingers of change and transformation for her clients.

Nanette has an MBA and an MA in Transformative Art. She is a Certified Master Intuitive Coach, and a Reiki Master.

Soul Journey Blog

What My Clients Say

I met Nanette a year ago and understood the services True Balances could provide. At the time I met her I thought what a great advocate to have; however I was in a good place at the time. Then 2015 happened and I had a number of personal family matters push me off balance and”… Read more “Sheila M. * CFDP”

Sheila M. * CFDP

“As I was transitioning between the end of my Business Master and the beginning of my career, I felt so grateful to have Nanette on my side guiding me through my professional objectives and spiritual journey. She has this wonderful talent that helps me see clearly the things I need to focus on in order… Read more “Mélissa Authier”

Mélissa Authier
Strategy and International Trade Consultant

I would like to take the opportunity to sing your praises. I cannot thank you enough for all your continued guidance, professionalism, and insight over the past few years. My personal and executive coaching sessions at True Balance have significantly changed my life in myriad positive ways for which I am eternally grateful. Nanette has… Read more “Nachelle L”

Nachelle L. * Acupuncturist

Nanette is a fabulous resource in helping get in touch with your inner self. I have truly enjoyed working with her using visualization exercises to get at the root of some of problems I’ve wanted to… Read more “Brenda P.”

Brenda P.

Nanette was so wonderful and patient with me. She never made me feel guilty or judged. I felt soo much love and acceptance during the process. I felt safe to share my life with her. During the guided visualizations I was able to identify when I started feeling lonely and how that became a safe… Read more “Corrine K. * Tech Guru”

Corrine K. * Tech Guru

Working with Nanette was an enlightening and fruitful process for me. In the beginning I had a little difficulty keeping an open mind to some of the techniques she was using, probably a self defense mechanism. However, Nanette guided me through the process and really helped me get to the root of my issues. She… Read more “Gloria P. * LCSW”

Gloria P. * LCSW

Nanette is a brilliant and intuitive coach. When I first started working with her I was in such a fearful place about my finances. However, with her caring and professional guidance I was able to shift from fear to feeling relaxed, excited and abundant. The sessions with Nanette were fun, yet extremely deep and insightful… Read more “Debra L. * Intuitive Healer”

Debra L. * Intuitive Healer

I highly recommend Nanette. She was a tremendous help to me through a very difficult time in my life. I was able to work with Nanette to refocus my business strategy while also balancing children, marriage and family illness. The practices I learned from working with her continue to support me today in living a… Read more “Donna L. * Owner, Landscape and Design Business”

Donna L. * Owner, Landscape and Design Business

Nanette is a professional with a wonderful ability to enter an unknown relationship and make herself available and trusted. This trust allows her to be seen as a partner and associate with access to discern the dynamics of difficult relationships and offer up manageable action plans toward a solution. The holistic approach taken ensures nuances… Read more “Keri S. * CEO Medical Device Manufacturing”

Keri S. * CEO Medical Device Manufacturing

I contacted Nanette because I needed guidance on what direction to take my business. I felt overwhelmed, working in too many different areas and not effectively managing any single one. Nanette helped me in finding my focus and incorporating a plan and goals to work toward. She listened to me and let me talk through… Read more “Kendall S. * Wellness Coach”

Kendall S. * Wellness Coach

Nanette, your experience, expertise and logic are phenomenal. I am in awe of the things you have made me aware of. You made me realize the roles that everyone has played to define me. I now know some things I was clinging to are not doing me any real good nor are they really affecting… Read more “Liz W. * VP Banking Center Manager”

Liz W. * VP Banking Center Manager

Dear Nanette, Thank you for your counseling, support, and friendship over the past two years. When I began working with you, I had no idea where the journey would take me – although I suspect you knew early on, intuitive and astute as you are. Participating in individual sessions and in your journeying circle has… Read more “Anne O. * Health Coach/Singer”

Anne O. * Health Coach/Singer
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