Journey to Your Lioness

Female African Lioness, stalking in the grass in Serengeti, Tanzania

May 28th 10a.m. to noon  *  $35
In Tarot the card “Strength” is frequently represented by a woman with/or riding a lion and is all about drawing on your inner strength.  Symbolically, the lioness is about wisdom, power (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), courage, conviction, justice, leadership, protection, and love.

So ask yourself, do you embrace your noble Spirit or is your inner beast out of control? Are you overcome with fear or do you trust Spirit to lead? Do you feel weak or ineffective? Do you rule with force, manipulation or with patience and compassion?  Do you need to find the strength within yourself to keep going?  As you enter this journey, set your intentions to conquer your fears and doubt, let go of your lower self and embrace your inner power and authority, and at the same time seek to tame the beast within.

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