Rooting For Success


When: Saturday, January 13, 9:30 a.m.- 11:30 a.m.
Where: 228 Bay Road; Bowdoinham, ME
Cost: $30
Limited to 6 participants.

What is at the root of your success in your life and business? Energetically, it branches from your first chakra need for safety, security, belonging, health, balanced work, home and money.


Do you neglect to self-nurture? Do you have health challenges with obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, eating disorders, bone disorders, or frequent/chronic illness?  Do you have frequent fears, excessive worry, or lack the ability to focus or be still? Is "home" always out of reach? Do you feel you are in trouble financially?

If yes, you may have a first chakra imbalance.

In This 2-Hour Workshop You Will:
Become more aware of your first (root) chakra imbalances and internal programing surrounding your challenges. Open up your first chakra energy. Up-level your mind-set. Set your intentions for wellness. Develop action steps that will lead you to more balance. Leave with resources to help carry out your plans for success.

You will also receive a First Chakra Assessment, First Chakra Quick Reference Guide, Techniques for Balancing your First Chakra and a Chakra Oracle Card reading.

FMI: Nanette Giacoma, Holistic Executive Coach   *  (207) 319-6325

Are you open to your true potential? I mean really OPEN! Using the power of your Chakras you can open up to the best life has to offer. Chakras refers to wheels of energy throughout our bodies. They our vital life force, which keep us vibrant, healthy, and alive. When our Chakras are blocked, we are prevented from living our most fulfilling life. Learn techniques to open energy blocks and balance your Chakras so your can power your life and business fully!