Plant Seeds of Change

dreamstime_xs_52702340PLANT YOUR SEEDS OF CHANGE in a FREE guided journey on Wednesday, September 23rd at 1 p.m. ET at www.newsforthesoul or get on the call at (646) 595 4274. Get in touch with your Third Chakra and experience your personal POWER and Divine WILL located in your the energy center of your Solar Plexus. Take more control over your destiny and heal the imbalances that may be present, perhaps resulting in physical issues such as, digestive problems, ulcers, irritable bowels, or excessive weight around middle. Imbalances may also manifest as co-dependency, people pleasing, or poor self-esteem, depression, workaholism, or being overly controlling. No matter what issues you may be experiencing, you have a powerful packet of seeds waiting to be planted that will transform your life.

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