Business Coaching

Are you Open for Business? I mean Really Open? 

Open your Business Energy Centers using the Power of Chakras and move into a whole new level of Success!

Being “open” for business has a variety of layers. If you’re like many business owners, you work hard to do all the things necessary to be open for business but may neglect to pay attention to the energetic interconnection of your actions to your business. On the surface, “open” means you are ready to exchange goods and services with your customers for money. On a deeper level, it means you are open to giving and receiving energetically.

When you apply the ancient chakra energy system and its principles to your business and your career, you will achieve the professional success you most desire.

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Using my Business Chakra Assessment and Balancing Tools, I can help you:

1)  Grow the Roots needed for a firm structural and financial foundation. Become sustainable, increase profitability and grow your business.

2)  Define Your Passions. Develop a soul-centered vision and mission.

3)  Define Powerful core values and goals. Focus on what is REALLY important and develop a new map to manifest your best business.

4)  Create a Heart-centered business based in positive attitudes and actions. Create authentic, effective business relationships and attract the customers and business partners you want.

5)  Develop Clear, Open, Authentic Communication. Develop an awesome, effective team. Create a creative, effective marketing strategy to attract your ideal customer.

6)  Trust your Business Instincts and Intuition.  Effectively balance rational-logical and intuitive-creative methods to increase opportunities, creatively solve problems and expand your innovation.

7)  Operate with a Deeper sense of Purpose and Meaning.  Create a business for the betterment of your customers, employees, your community and society at large.

FREE 30-minute Consultation  -   In Person or Virtually



All packages include Chakra Assessment, Chakra Quick Reference Guide, and Ways to Balance Your Chakra PDF

One Chakra * 3 sessions over 1-2 months

Four Chakras * 8 sessions over 3-6 months

Seven Chakras * 15 sessions over 6-12 months

10% discount if paid in full at initial consultation



Group Facilitation * Conflict Resolution * Planning *  Team Building

Where there are humans coming together in groups there will be a need for clear, authentic communication.

As your facilitator, I will help you and your organization: Uncover destructive organizational patterns. Invite the equal participation of all team members. Open up honest dialogue. Resolve conflicts. Develop a clear vision and a higher mission. Create meaningful goals and overcome obstacles. Build trust and collaboration among team members.

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I use Whole Business Practices©TM in all my coaching and facilitation work. It is a holistic approach to business that embraces the human spirit and the bottom line. People are at the heart of every creative enterprise. Their innovation, hard work, attitudes and energy are central to any thriving organization. Whole Business Practices©TM uses alternative methods (such as intuition and creativity) and traditional methods (such as planning and organizing) to create dynamic, creative enterprises.  It is a model that enables us to creatively respond to changes in the world and the inevitable fluctuations in our environment. It reminds us to mind a higher vision by being socially responsible and to blend the goals of our creative enterprises with those of the larger community. Whole Business Practices©TM can help you develop a sustainable, profitable, joyful business.



I use a variety of tools that help you shift your awareness, focus and energy leading to an amazing transformation within yourself and your business.

  • Chakra Assessment.  An in-depth business energy center assessment to help you identify your strengths and edge of growth.
  • Mind-Set. Help you identify and quiet the confusing internal chatter and find clarity and focus.
  • Mind Mapping. Organize the confusing and competing thoughts to create clarity on your path forward.
  • Guided Visualizations. Using your active imagination, tap into your intuition where innovation and higher vision helps you achieve the shifts you previously thought impossible.
  • RPM (Rapid Planning Method) Intentions, Goals & Action Steps. Set your Intentions to your True North from a place of purpose and meaning. Develop SMART goals to move your intentions into intuitive action steps for sustainable success.
  • Chakra/Energy Work. To clear away old energy creating obstacles to your success, and bring in renewed energy to move you forward on your path.
  • Oracle Cards. A tool for professional and personal growth. The symbolic language helps you tap into your intuition and creativity for insight into problems, situations and direction.
  • doTerra Oils. Help you physically, mentally, and emotionally heal, as well as, find clarity, be more grounded and create balance personally and professionally.