Message from Fox!

foxI've had a fox (or two) in my life for the last couple of months.  I started seeing fox tracks in the snow in March criss-crossing the field as I walked, and I wondered at the message there.  Then in April the BIG beauty showed himself in all his flaming glory.  Not only does he routinely sit in our yard and field, but he has helped himself to a few of our chickens.  I don't mind sharing overly much, as I suspect he has some little kits and a mama he is feeding somewhere near.  Next I saw another fox crossing the road as I drove and still another SITTING in the road as I turned a corner.  I had to drive around it, as it didn't move until I was passing it.

I've been stewing on the meaning of the Fox since March.  I've researched all kinds of sources. Ultimately, I've come to appreciate that Fox is telling me to use all of my creativity, skills and passion in a grounded way.  He reminds me to bring my whole self to the table in all areas of my life.  And as I look more closely at my current client base, I realize the vast majority of my clients are working on business, personal and spiritual issues simultaneously.  Oh wow!  I had been focusing on just the personal coaching aspects of my practice, while ignoring what was happening right under my nose.  Like the Fox I need to stay on my toes, be adaptable and rely on common sense to lead the way, while maintaining my sense of humor and play!

This foxy adventure and some well placed synchronicity has lead me to more fully embrace the Business Wise Woman in myself and say "yes" to a new opportunity facilitating an organizational training, while continuing coaching my beloved clients.  I feel I am more present with all aspects of their journey going forward thanks to Fox.

I would love to hear some of your stories about animal messages in your life and how they changed your perspective or helped you on the path you were walking.

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