Masculine & Feminine Power – 5 Tips for Balance

[Masculine and Feminine are] two polar energies that, by their fluctuation
and interaction, are the cause of the universe. 

Shambhala Dictionary of Taoism

Do you feel your genuine personal power? Are you using your power ethically? Is your power balanced, utilizing both masculine and feminine energies?

When your power is used in a balanced way, you won’t need to control others or feel powerless in challenging situations.

Masculine and Feminine power are complementary ways of using your energy. Each is necessary for you to access your full power.

In traditional Taoism, feminine and masculine energy are called yin and yang. They are creative opposites; they are converse types of energy. Neither is better nor worse, one is not more powerful than the other.

Yin and yang are interdependent upon each other for balance. It is the oscillation between the two energies that is so powerful. It is the push of yang and the pull of yin that causes you to become dynamic and flexible so that you can access your full power.

Here is a short list of ways Yin/Yang energy is used:

Yin                         Yang
Feminine                Masculine
Contractive             Expansive
Conservative          Demanding
Responsive            Aggressive
Cooperative            Competitive
Intuitive                   Rational
Synthesizing           Analytic
Dark                        Light
Inward                     Outward

Look at the yin/yang list. Do you use one type of energy more that another? By becoming aware of how you typically use your yin and yang energies, you can learn how to modify the intensity and the type of power you use in each situation you encounter.

Your 3rd Chakra (located in your solar plexus) is your energetic power center. From this chakra your energy moves out into your personal and professional life. If you use your yang energy too much you are likely to get burned out. Too much yin and you won't meet your goals.

Sometimes it's not easy to know how to use your power. For example, maybe you have a team partner at work who is routinely rude and abrupt. How do you handle it? Do you avoid this person at all costs (yin) or do you get rude and abrupt in return (yang).

By doing your own internal work (yin) around this person and situation, you will become more emotionally neutral and respond more rationally (yang). You will be less likely to take their comments personally and more able to have a conversation that will lead to a solution.

Here are 5 TIPS  to help balance your 3rd chakra and your yin/yang power:

  1. Practice 4 square breathing before starting your day. Breathe in 4 counts, hold your breath 4 counts, breath out 4 counts, hold 4 counts. Repeat 4 times.
  2. Write down where you want to create more choice and power in your life.
  3. Practice saying "no" to things you usually say "yes" to (things you don't really want to say "yes" to, but think you should).
  4. Write down your life mission and goals.
  5. Clean your gut with a 15 or 30 day cleansing diet.

As your 3rd chakra grows more balanced, you will innately know when to use your yin power, your yang power, or a combination of both.

Balanced power to ya!

With Gratitude!

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 Open For Business: How to Achieve Professional Success Using the Power of Chakras

Excerpt from Chapter 5: Chakra 3 - It's Magic

"Magical power is the dynamic energy contained in your third chakra. The magician is the third chakra archetype and embodies the latent power within you. When you direct the passions and desires of your second chakra into goals and actions, you spark a fire in your third chakra and make magic in your business." 

(Third Chakra Mandala)

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Essential Oils To Balance Your Power 

Clove supports feelings of empowerment and helps you create clear boundaries and protection. It encourages courage and independence and promotes proactive behaviors.

Ginger supports personal empowerment, celebrating capabilities and finding purposeful work. It helps you take accountability and responsibility for your choices.

Melaleuca encourages energetic boundaries and respectful connections with yourself and others. It helps you remain empowered, resilient, and to honor yourself and others.


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