Manifesting With Your Heart Chakra

Create A Unique Manifestation Board  and attain your heart’s desire!

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Tap into your heart’s super power of manifestation!

Think about the all the sayings that we associate with the heart - she wears her heart on her sleeve, sick at heart, heartbroken, heartfelt, at the heart of the matter, a change of heart, follow your heart, a hardened heart, take heart, eat your heart out – and so on. We often express our courage, love and insight through our hearts.

Research now bears out what the sages have known for a millennium, that your heart has its own intuition, courage and intelligence. It can affect your clarity of mind, your emotional state, your sense of spiritual connection, and ultimately your effectiveness in your personal and professional life.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, your heart has its own “brain” that initiates communication with the cognitive brain. Scientists have determined that the heart is a sophisticated sensory organ that emits electromagnetic energy 60 times greater than the cognitive brain, as measured by an ECG. Indeed, your heart’s magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than that of your cognitive brain. It emanates enormous energy that links you to other people and situations in ways of which you may not even be aware.

According to quantum physics. everything is energy – you, your thoughts, your personal and professional life, and your heart. Furthermore, everyone and everything exchanges energy all the time. So, with the strength of the heart’s electromagnetic energy, you have your own personal super power of attraction.

This is the idea behind creating a Manifestation Board based in the energy of the heart chakra.

I use the term Manifestation Board rather than vision board because the things on my board are things I intend to take action on to manifest. If you have some ideas for a vision board, great! Now, let’s put some teeth into it and turn it into a Manifestation Board.

With gratitude,

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In this class you will:

* Define your 6 top priorities through a guided meditation

* Create a new vision for yourself based in your dreams and goals

* Reprogram your brain to align with your heart’s desires

* Align your energy with your goals and your infinite potential

* Learn daily actions to manifest your heart’s desires

* Receive a Tracking Form and tips on how to celebrate your progress

When: Saturday, Oct 6 - 9-12:30
Cost: $45 (supplies included)
Where: 228 Bay Road, Bowdoinham, ME

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