Journey to The Wizard

Magical Wizard Illustration

Join our next Journeying Circle * Saturday, March 26th 10 11:30 a.m.

Tap into your Inner Wizard and your innate magical gifts. Our Inner Wizard assures us that we have everything that we need to move forward. All our gifts and talents are exactly as they need to be in this moment. Any perceptions of lack are false. The Wizard is here to teach you that you are far more capable than you realize. You have your own magic and can accomplish great deeds! As you move forward on your path, your thoughts may become confused and carry strong negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety, anger, or defeat. When you are in this emotional state, logic and reason do not help. To move beyond your distress you must become neutral…to become a witness…an observer of yourself. Your Wizard will help you do this and transcend your confusion. He has a brilliant magical staff that is connected to the wisdom of the Universe and…to you! He helps you connect with the energy of heaven and earth and bring into your life. He embodies the “Law of Attraction.” He invites you to take the first steps to manifesting your purpose. If you don’t know exactly what that is, take the steps necessary to discover it. No more procrastination!

$140/four sessions * To Sign-up * Contact Nanette

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