Journey To Forgiveness


Forgive You? In our lives we have had a handful of significant relationships that have helped define how we love. Sometimes, we get wounded in these relationships and instead we begin to love from that wound and not from the heart. Are you loving from a wound?

Being in a relationship is one of the hardest things we do in life. It may be with a spouse, parent, child, or friend. Yet, when you think about it, ALL relationships are really about us and are an opportunity to learn something about oneself.

In this journey circle we will explore how to radically accept the wounding experience and the people involved and ultimately find forgiveness for them and ourselves. We will look at the "gifts" in the relationships and how they helped to make us who we are today. Ultimately we will seek to lead with our hearts, heal our wounds and create loving relationships from our Higher Self.

When: Monthly on Saturday * 10-Noon
Next Circle: August 27, 2016
Where: 41 Main Street; Topsham, ME
Cost: $35

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