Journey Circle Workshop

JourneyCircleMonthly Journey Circle Workshop
When: Monthly on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.
Where: 41 Main Street; Topsham, ME 04086
Cost: $140/4 sessions
Sign-up:; (207) 319-6325

Each month we will pull an card from the Caroline Myss "Archetype Cards." Using your “dreaming mind” you will explore how the symbols and archetypes in this card relate to you and your path forward through a guided journey. The journey creates wisdom and awareness where rapid shifts are set in motion. Through it you will:
Bypasses the chatter of the false ego. Connect to the language of symbols and archetypes. Activate your imagination, intuition and inner wisdom. Reset your compass and transform your personal map. Contact me to join our monthly Journeying Circle and transform your life.

In Native American Shamanic tradition, a journey circle works on many levels. It takes you into that other dimension, the realm of Spirit and Soul, where you explore your psychic and intuitive self. It also works on the physical level when you engage your right brain and bodily, emotionally and psychically experience the journey. Because your brain doesn’t know the difference between what you consider “reality” and the “dream” you actually change biochemically and neurologically. You begin to make small changes in your everyday actions. You start to notice signs, symbols and synchronicity you previously ignored, now realizing they are messages meant to guide you on your life path. And as you tap in to this Universal Wisdom you will transform your life!

Contact me to join our monthly Journeying Circle and transform your life.; (207) 319-6325

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