Heart Center


Centered in the Heart Chakra  we embody love, intimacy, forgiveness, and sensitivity. Through it we learn harmony, balance and we attain a more global perspective. This is the most powerful magnetic force of attraction in your life. Through it, we seek out positive experience and attract synchronicity into our life.

Being open to giving and receiving love, gratitude and forgiveness are essential to our wellbeing. From an open heart you will attract your highest ideals, desires, positive feelings and the sense of being nurtured. We then become the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness.

An overactive Heart Chakra may cause you to be too open or too sensitive. Perhaps you live at the whim of other’s moods and emotions. When underactive you may run away from intimacy or push people away. Paranoia or an inclination toward secrecy, betrayal and addictions are also indications of an underactive Heart Chakra. When balanced your will feel a non-judgmental love for yourself, others and all things.

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