Got ANTs?

Worker ants emerging from a crack in the ceiling with space for your design. Its a background.

Have you got your brain? Dr. Daniel Amen, author of Change your Brain; Change your Life writes we all have ANTs… automatic negative thoughts! Throughout life our subconscious mind absorbs fear-based messages that create ANTs. Visualize an army of ants mapping out negative thoughts in your mind year after year, supplying you with useless information that keeps you stuck in feelings of lack and failure. Now, that is no picnic!

Time to reach for the RAID...repeated associations inspiring divergence! You do this by recondition your sub-conscious mind. Start by visualizing how you want your life and/or business to look. That starts the process of imprinting your brain with a new map for success. Second, engage your 5 senses daily in: affirmations, vision boards, listening to positive messages, etc., anything that will help you establish positive emotional links to your new vision. Third, develop and take action steps that move you towards the changes you desire.

And when the ANTs go marching one-by-one through your brain, use your RAID to keep you on track to success.

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