Get Rooted


Join me this Wednesday, August 12th at 1 p.m. ET on radio for a FREE guided journey to Your First Chakra Roots and The Home Tree. Click on the purple listen live button and you will automatically join our circle. The call in number is: (645) 595-4274. If you are not able to listen live, these sessions are recorded and archived so you can listen to them at your leisure.

The Home Tree is where you get rooted in your First Chakra and discover what it means to be “Home”. It is a place within…feel the peace, security, safety, and belonging that resides deep inside. Home represents an invitation to experience what it’s like to be secure in your own skin, to live comfortably no matter what is happening in the world around you. Home is love, and love is all around you. Home—it is where the heart is.

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