April 11 * Gaia Body Journey

Yoga WomenWhen: April 11, 2015 10 am - 3 pm ∞ Gaia Journey at 11 am at Women’s Fitness Studio * 21 Stanwood Street; Brunswick, ME 04011

Within every woman is a Goddess, she glows with inner beauty and outer confidence.  She uses her intuition and listens to her soul-voice when faced with challenges. A Goddess knows that her body is sacred and celebrates the changes that occur monthly and throughout her life. She knows that true power resides within and beauty is as unique and individual as each flower on Earth.

In a guided visualization you will imagine your body as the Earth (Gaia). You will see where its beauty lies and where it has been neglected, where you need to fertilize and where to prune. You will find that you have an amazing packet of seeds to plant that result in true power and beauty, and with the help of Gaia you will discover your Inner Goddess.

By journaling your journey, you will uncover more insights and gain awareness into your own unique beautiful body and how to care and feed it so it may be healthy and happy and easily carry your soul throughout life. A opportunity to discuss your journey as a group will be available immediately after the visualization. (Mini journal provided)

FMI: WFS (207) 729-5544 * Nanette (207) 319-6325 * www.NanetteGiacoma.com

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